3 Money Challenges to Kick 2021 Into Gear!

Busayo O.
4 min readJan 8, 2021


Kickboxing into 2021 like…

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Make more money, get healthier, lose weight, gain muscle, be more patient. All these New Years resolutions we want to achieve and we do well for about a month and then we fall off our target, but what if we reaim our focus and shift the way we think about our New Years resolutions. What if we rename them “New Years challenges”?

Thinking of challenges instead of resolutions helps us BE SPECIFIC with our New Years goals (think “get healthier” to — > drink one green juice a day every day). How do you get healthier? One way is by drinking a green juice. Whatever your goals are for this year, make sure to BE SPECIFIC and set small goals throughout the year and continue that momentum and elevate your goals for the next year and the year after that and so on.

As I mentioned in my first article of 2021, one of my big goals is to improve on my finances and how I manage money. With that said, I’m bringing you 3 money challenges you can do in the new year that you can continue to do and elevate on in the years to come.

Speaking of elevating, how about elevating your savings?!

1). Level up!

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Saving is definitely not easy, but if you automate it, you’re on your way to saving for your emergency fund, that trip you’ve been wanting to take, or investing back in your business. Whatever your reason for saving, we can all agree with great gusto to SAVE!

The first step in saving is to use a savings account that is NOT, I repeat — NOT a part of your primary bank. Trust me — I’ve learned the hard way. So easy to SWOOP — > that savings into your checking for that really nice Louis Vuitton wallet that you don’t really need…It’s nice, well, I don’t really need it, lol.

Great savings accounts I like are interest-earning savings accounts that are separate from your primary bank— Credit Karma, Ally, and American Express to name a few. Other than leveling up your savings with interest, you’re also delaying instant gratification for splurge shopping because you have to wait a few business days to access that money if you transfer it into your checking account.

The power of compound interest is at your fingertips. Simply add $1 a day, $5 a day or do $10 a week. $10 x 52 weeks in a year. Presto! You’ve saved $520 in a year + compound interest! You’re off to a great start. Most Americans don’t even have that in their savings account.

2). Invest for a brighter future.

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If you want to get into investing too, I recommend Acorns. Now, I don’t recommend to use an investment account as your primary savings account as this is for long-term wealth building and when withdrawn can give you penalties like fees and heavier taxes.

Instead, still invest, but put less than you would in your savings, like a small amount you can afford to be without for some time. For me, I put at least $5 each into my investment and retirement account. You can even deposit money every day, every other week, or once a month. Talk about flexible investing!

Another great thing about Acorns specifically is that it rewards you for your fun money purchases like Nike to feed your sneaker addiction to Postmates for those late-night munchers. If you get their Acorns Debit Card (great one for fun money), every purchase you make on that card gives you cash back, right into your investment account. Yass!!! Sign me up! Trust me — they are not stingy on those cash back investments.

3). Tap for more…

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This one I like to call THE FUN CARD. What’s great about this fun card is that it helps you budget and separate your miscellaneous expenses from your primary debit card which should be used for bills and other essentials. How does it work?

Choose one debit card (keyword — DEBIT) that is not your primary debt card, as fun money for things like entertainment, food, and shopping. Once you run out of your budgeted fun money for the month, that’s it. No more spending! Talk about a 3-in-1 combo — budget for fun money and keep your essentials money while not going into debt or overdraft. Whoop whoop!

Set a budget for your fun money — whether it be $50 a month or $100, and never have to dip into your checking account for splurge or miscellaneous expenses. Treat yo’ self while keeping your budget?! Talk about guilt-free spending!

Keep these money challenges going throughout the year and you’re golden! Share them with your family, friends, and remember, level up your year!

Waaaaaay up and blessed!




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