Eat your way to a smaller grocery bill!

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3 min readJan 12, 2021


Say what now?!…

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We’ve hit the second week of January and you’ve set your financial goals, weekly, monthly and yearly budgets, but have you reset how you’re spending money on food?

Let’s get real here — eating healthy on a budget is not easy, but I’ve got a few quick tips to get you the fuel your body needs in an affordable way.

Ready?…Let’s go!

1). Don’t knock it until you try it!

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No, not that type of food delivery! Lol. I’m talking about home cooked meal deliveries! Sometimes we don’t want to cook and if you need that quick dinner or any other meal without having to spend time in the kitchen, go for a meal plan aka meal kit!

What’s great about meal plans is that they have the ingredients pre-packaged for you. I recommend Home Chef and Blue Apron for great meal prep kits!

Even better, if you don’t want to throw on your apron, opt for frozen, pre-made meals that you can easily heat up. I recommend trying out Sun Basket. For best results, heat up these meals on a stove or in the oven and presto! Your food is ready in a few minutes. Still fresh, tasty, and nutritious!

2). Don’t sleep on these small markets.

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Whether you’re a farmer’s market person or like smaller grocery stores, try to go for smaller grocery stores and local grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Co-op grocery stores.

What you get at smaller markets that you won’t get at massive, organic grocery stores is cheaper prices as well as even a greater variety of brands.

What sets Trader Joe’s apart is that not only do they have fresh, all-natural and organic choices, but everything is their own brand. No name brands = more money in your pocket. You’re welcome!

3). Instacart that stuff!

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Yes, I said that right. Instacart! Funny enough, before the pandemic, I never used Instacart. What’s great about it is that you have all of your favorite local stores from pharmacies like CVS to your massive everything-in-one stores like Target and Walmart and of course grocery stores like Sprouts Farmer’s Market.

Using this app has helped me actually save money on groceries because I can better price-compare and try new brands and variations of my favorite products I’ve never tried before.

When you shop on Instacart or other delivery platforms, you’re more conscious of pricing compared to the grocery stores because you don’t have that oh-and-ah effect of those cool-looking lentil chips or delectable cookies calling you, lol. Set it up, re-order groceries every week or two weeks, save money, and continue crushing your health goals!

You’re set to conquer your groceries budget while eating healthy. Make sure to keep adjusting your budget to see where you can add even more money back into your wallet, keep eating healthy and deliciously, and don’t forget…

Happy Saving!




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