Eating out without eating your wallet…

Busayo O.
3 min readJan 5, 2021


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2021 marks a new year, a new start, a new vision and plan for your life. One of my big goals which I always strive to improve on is my finances. I’ve really grown during shelter in place and throughout the pandemic — not spending money on clothes, ride-share, movies, and basically anything while going out. It’s always important to take the blessings out of difficult situations and seasons in life.

One of the ways I like to take the positive out of this season is take a break from home cooking and treat myself. Whether going out for date night or just treating yourself to different food, here are 2 ways I eat out without it eating my wallet.

Sit back and let the financial wisdom sink in…

1). Eat cheap. Eat delicious.

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This is by far one of the most underrated ways to eat out — food trucks. Since restaurants are not open for outdoor dining in California and we wanted to try something new, my LA-based bae turned me onto food trucks. Although there aren’t many food trucks in the Bay Area, he opened my eyes to the amazing world of food trucks. We tried Nepalese food for the first time and it was so authentic and definitely high, restaurant quality.

Not only does amazing, even 5-star restaurant quality come out of food trucks, ordering from food trucks is a way to support smaller businesses and most importantly, your wallet. Some food trucks only accept cash, so even better to help you know what you’re spending.

Food trucks are cheaper in price, but definitely not cheaper in quality. Another great thing about food trucks is that they save you time and you can easily grab your food and walk along the city streets or find a ledge on a fountain in Santana Row…Lol.

Make sure to try the hidden gems of food trucks on your next food adventure.

2). Go for special menus

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One might think these are pricey, but special set menus or holiday menus in this case, can actually be more affordable than normal ordering. You’re able to enjoy all the delectable delights from your favorite restaurants for a better price than dining in or than choosing individual dishes like normal.

We went to one of my favorite Thai restaurants and their special menu was even knocked down to less than half its original price, plus a free, delicious white wine. Not only did we get to try their best dishes from Pad Khee Mao to Tom Kha Ga, but we were able to save some money and get a well-rounded meal, trying a large variety of food!

Stay on the lookout for special menus from restaurants on their websites or social media. Next special menus to look forward to — Valentine’s Day!

Hope you all enjoyed this article and I hope you all are having a great start to your 2021! Keep saving, spending smarter, treat yourself and don’t let eating out eat your wallet!

Happy eating and saving!




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