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Amongst the many financial articles we’re always seeing now, I think it’s time to pause and reflect on why we are pursuing jobs, side hustles, and why are we saving money.

Yes, we need to earn a living and I can relate to many of you have lost their jobs as well. It can be tiring and frustrating to not get a job after months of searching and working on improving your resume and portfolio and just working so hard.

Today, I was reminded of why I am trying to get a job. Yes, to get a more stable income, but first and foremost, is to pursue my passions.

We all need a reminder of why we work. It’s not just to earn a living, but it is to pursue your passion and bless others with your gifts. To educate, inspire, motivate, and make a positive influence in others’ lives. All of this, in turn, blesses you!

For me, my passion is writing and I’ve always loved to write. Through my education and jobs, I have dived into different areas of interest that have helped me grow. From blog writing to social media to UX writing and design to customer service, I have gained professional and life lessons from these opportunities,which I am so grateful for.

We have to think, “what are we fighting for?” I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Our purpose on this Earth is to share and bless others with the gifts God has given us. Gratitude gives you a more humble, gracious heart that is fulfilled by what you have and the blessings that God has given you.

Your situation might be tough now, but just wait. God is using your circumstance to bless you so you can bless others.

Right now, I am writing articles on Medium and have finished writing a budget planner (stay tuned for more on this). I am so grateful for these opportunities as they are keeping me productive and I am able to maintain my writing and grow and meet cool people like you! Even the interview rounds I’ve gone through, I am grateful to have gone through them as they have helped me grow and I’ve gained important career and life lessons. Each and every one of us has so much to be grateful for!

One thing I try to keep in mind is being patient during this season and continuing to look forward to the great blessings ahead and even now through my circumstance.

I hope this was helpful and hopeful for you all during this time and please share with others!

Stay strong and stay thankful!




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Busayo O.

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