Hello, I'm Busayo, a writing professional in creative media and I recently started writing articles on Medium from finance to lifestyle as well as media.

I like to share my personal experience with finance and helpful tips to help others grow in these times and once businesses start opening up.

I believe I will be a great asset to the Making of a Millionaire team because I provide helpful tips for being inentional with finances, goals, and can reach my fellow millenials and others through my tips and financial journey.

I also am a diverse writer who can help not only excite and educate, but help others reshift how they think about money and other resources we are blessed with.

From reading financial articles on publications like Making of a Millionaire, they have helped me to go from dreading money to actually enjoy working on my finances. I believe I can help others enjoy money!

Small, doable benchmarks not only with financial goals but with any goal are important for achieving your goals.

Thank you for taking the time to read my interest in contributing to your publication.



Woman of God, writer, content strategist, and here to give you eye-opening, exciting articles.

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