My New Cup of Tea: Daytime Dates

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3 min readJul 11, 2020


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These date ideas are not only perfect for saving money but also for trying something new on your first date, for example.

For me, I love to have dates in the evening. A nice, romantic dinner with a movie maybe and a lovely stroll, just walking and talking and getting to know my date is awesome.

Yes, you’re more relaxed in the evening and you have plenty of time to just unwind with your date, but daytime dates are great too.

Even though I’m taking a break from dating, when I do get back into dating, I think these are great ways to switch it up while saving your wallet, especially on a first date.

Ready? Epic dates in 3, 2…

1). Wanna get a cuppa?

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A cuppa or a cup of tea or coffee is a great way to get to know your date, while saving a few bucks. Always best for the man to pay on the first date especially, but this is something that he can pay for with no problems.

A few of my friends have suggested I try going for coffee for a first date. What’s great is that it would most likely be during the day and you can get to know them without all the prep for a dinner date (although I do love getting dolled up) and to be honest, some men expect something after dinner. Save some money on that new dress and makeup too! You’re welcome!

If it’s during the day, you can chat in the coffee shop and once your date is done, you can go on and do the rest of your day’s errands or whatever you have to do.

Even if it’s evening, you could go to a nice chocolate bar and get some dessert and coffee.

2). World cuisines on wheels…

Assortment of food including loaded fries, burgers, nachos, and a burrito from a food truck.
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There usually aren’t many food trucks around you unless you live in the city. If you do go to the city, you can always go for a food truck festival or to any food truck. Food trucks give you gourmet, cheap eats from Chinese to Indian to Filipino and more. You can discover new flavors and cuisines without the restaurant bill.

Once you get your food, sit in the park or seating area and once done, you have more time to walk around the city and get to know your date more. You’re exploring together which is another added bonus!

3). Get your brunch on!

Assortment of brunch food from waffles to pancakes, avocado toast with orange juice and coffee.
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I never thought about this before but brunch is a fun way to mix up your date. You can share delectable delights from benedicts to pancakes without that hefty dinner bill.

Also, with brunch, you get savory and sweet dishes, thus no need to spend even more on dessert.

Even after a first date, coming back to brunch is a great idea too! Bring friends if you’d like and enjoy a beautiful afternoon out.

Whether you brunch or lunch, it will save you some moolah and you can experience dating in a new way. Not just dinner and evenings are romantic, but any time of the day is romantic. Romance comes naturally, whether day or night, once you have that special connection with someone.

I hope these tips were helpful for you all and I hope you can apply them to your future dates. I know I definitely will! Any other great, budget-friendly date ideas? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Dating!

Until then, stay safe!




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